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begin again - 1/2

Begin Again [1/2], 525, pg
It's long ago, before the Company, before everything turned to shit, but, most importantly, before Olive and Dom became Olive and Dom. A companion piece to sevengiraffes wonderful fic, which can be found here. Go read that first, it's very short, and gives this fic a little context.

A/N: So - I can't believe it's taken this long for this to come up, but you really should know that Olive, Dom and Arthur exist in a world with superpowers. Think Heroes. Dom can breathe fire, Olive has the power of illusion - she projects images onto other people, letting them see what she wants them Dom. Arthur, meanwhile, has technokinesis - he can 'talk' to and manipulate computers. But yeah, mostly its secondary, but that's why Olive doesn't have her own face in this.

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Bolshoi [avengers mcu; clint/natasha]

Bolshoi pg, ~3500 words
The Avengers (MCU) - Clint/Natasha (background Tony/Bruce)
Natasha finds a cat in her apartment one night, and decides to adopt it. But when her apartment is destroyed, both she and the animal finally relent to Tony's demands and move into the Avengers tower with the others. Chaos and cuteness ensue.

a/n: Written for a prompt at avengerkink, that has Natasha adopting a cat as she settles in with the Avengers. Does what it says on the tin - also it is pure, pure fluff, with a rather large dash of Clint/Natasha being fluffy and lovely. Hope you enjoy :)

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